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Zenbo – The Asus Robot Claiming Fame

During the ‘Computex’ tech convention in Taipei earlier this month, the ever-dominate Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Asus unveiled its newest addition to homes across the globe. Asus chairman Jonney Shih stated, “Our ambition is to enable robotic computing for every household.”

At an affordable price of $599, which could easily be wasted on a fancy 64GB rose gold iPhone, this product literally speaks its worth.

In addition to Zenbo’s ability to communicate, it is packed with specific functionalities ranging from home assistance to entertainment. This tiny robotic butler travels independently throughout its owner’s house performing various tasks such as visually scanning surroundings, recognizing faces and performing simple smart phone tasks. It connects with surrounding devices including lights, speakers and wireless routers, making it a competitor to the Amazon Echo and soon-to-be-released Google Home.

Beyond Zenbo’s human compatibility and interaction is possibly an even greater purpose for users. Zenbo can implement emergency protocol in the event of a disturbance at home like a fall or a robbery, allowing security personnel to remotely control Zenbo in order to assess a situation.

Built-in communication software combined with advanced voice control and visual capabilities allow Zenbo to remind you of specific information, ask if you’re okay, call for help in case of a dangerous situation and keep track of your overall health and life schedule.

Zenbo and little girlZenbo wants to help you out with your kids at home. Photo credit:

It’s no wonder the president of Taiwan enjoyed speaking with Zenbo and asking it to sing a song — which it did — an impressive feat amidst thousands of audience members’ voices muddling the command. Although the robot proved its aptitude for voice recognition, Zenbo’s “SOS lifesaving” feature failed at the trade show, despite the presence of the Taiwanese president. Check out Zenbo playing a song at Computex in the video below.

With so many new developments in robotics and artificial intelligence bringing technology to our doorsteps, it’s easy to see why Zenbo is a home run for casual buyers. And the marketable features of this machine such as learned preferences, artificial intelligence capabilities and direct, in-home advertising opportunities create a whole new strategy for today’s tech biz. Imagine waking up to Zenbo reminding you that you’re almost out of milk while also informing you that your local supermarket is offering a deal on milk that day. Technology is continually moving itself closer to our homes and personal lives.

Asus’ robot is yet to be tagged with a definite release date. Company affiliates are pushing for an early launch to combat competition with existing products such as Softbank’s Pepper robot, available in Japan for $1,578. Many more products offering similar purposes will soon outdistance Zenbo’s wave of headlines. Competition is on the rise as the age of home robotics paves a new path for human innovation.

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