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In Pursuit of Pixel Perfection: The Campfyre Style Guide

When we work on an internal product, the team here at Right Brain Media gets extremely excited. That’s mainly because we’re given liberty to be fun, bold and even a bit crazy. This is a welcome change of pace from client work.  We do pitch crazy ideas to our clients, but we temper them with professionalism and don’t travel too far down the rabbit hole.

With our newest product, Campfyre (the cost-free, all-in-one OTT and TV Everywhere content publishing platform), we decided to run a bit wild and even a bit reckless with some of our ideas. We’re so confident in the product that we’re going at it with a no-limits kind of approach.

As our marketing and sales teams rush to breath life into this project, we’ve pitched around our fair share of eccentric ideas. We’re currently toying with the idea of retro camp counselor outfits — a la Wet Hot American Summer — for our team members attending trade shows, and to be featured in our marketing collateral. We even took a shot in the dark contacting South by Southwest to see if we could bring a fire pit to prepare s’mores at our SXSW 2016 Interactive trade show booth. The s’mores probably have less to do with our brand than with us thinking it would be awesome to serve homemade s’mores and re-enact that iconic scene from The Sandlot.

What’s Campfyre?

Are you a digital media publisher or content owner wondering how Campfyre can help grow your audience on the most popular content platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku at no cost? Find out what Campfyre is all about.

It’s About Stronger Team Relationships and Encouraging Creativity

To help match our team’s level of enthusiasm with Campfyre, I decided to make an internal style guide that’s a bit more humorous than a standard guide and uses direct language to help engage its readers.


Style guides can be meticulous works of craftsmanship and thoughtfulness; but in the real world, we often have to shoot from the hip to match the pace of the teams around us. In a world where designers have to continuously sell their design approach and act as police in the pursuit of pixel perfection, I’ve found that it’s helpful to take an extra step to encourage our team members to care about our efforts.

When you work on as many projects as we do, one wireframe / mockup / style guide starts to look the same as every other wireframe /mockup / style guide. So to help call attention to design aspects, I use little touches of personality tailor made for the team members involved in a project. You’ve got to break the ice essentially, and the way I do that is by breaking away from the standard text and image placeholders and having a little fun.  As a result, I get more substantive and creative feedback from developers, content strategists, marketers and other stakeholders.


For example, my bag of tricks often includes movie quotes and song lyrics, words or phrases that I know will resonate with my team, as an alternative to the ordinary “lorem ipsum…” placeholder text. For image placeholders, I use images that I know will help spark intrigue and conversation. In my comment and commit code, I tend to use hyperbole to affect snickers and giggles that I’ll hear across the office when a team member peruses my work.

Sure, this is partially just to keep things fun, but it’s also because we interact with so many projects that the details can get muddled if some flair isn’t added from time to time. My hope is that the playful text and images will exercise my team’s creative muscles and ultimately help me foster better, stronger relationships with them.

We hope you enjoy taking a sneak peak at the pages of our style guide for Campfyre below. And we’d love to hear your feedback and any questions you may have about this upcoming product.

Download PDF here: campfyre_styleguide

styleguide_page4styleguide_page5 styleguide_page6 styleguide_page7

What is Campfyre?

Campfyre gives video and audio publishers the ability to easily and affordably launch channels on popular set-top boxes and devices including Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire products. By affordable, we actually mean free. There are no expensive setup and development costs (which are definitely out there, waiting to loot your wallet). Want an Apple TV Channel? Done. Want to add a Roku Channel? No extra cost. The only thing you pay for is storage and delivery of your content, and even those rates are dirt cheap. To learn more about Campfyre, sign up for updates at

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