RIGHT BRAIN MEDIA’s AppleTVBuilder: Leader in a Flourishing iOS Ecosystem

Right Brain Media is leading the charge and ready to help an already enormous iOS ecosystem flourish. Packed with a slew of new apps, games, and television features, the 4th generation of Apple TV promises a revolution in the living room. With that we announce the release of a platform making it fast and simple for providers to build and deploy their Apple TV channel in the App Store when it’s rolled out on day one. Visit:

Before I get into detailing how easy Right Brain Media is making it for providers to get their content into the App Store with AppleTVBuilder, I’d like us to take a look at the stunning and immersive new features the next release of Apple TV has to offer.

What Do We Get With the New Apple TV?

Apple TV may have traditionally been a hobby for the Cupertino, CA tech giant, but with its latest release currently slated for early this fall, Apple seems to have finally and fully accepted the set-top box into its family of highly esteemed devices already including the iPhone and the iPad.

The 4th generation release of Apple TV will hit the shelves boasting blazing fast processing speeds, doubling as an imaginative casual gaming console, delivering a revamped user experience with an enticing Siri functionality built right into the remote, and rolling out an exclusive, built-in App Store. Apple has already started taking preorders for the latest Apple TV 32GB and 64GB.

Processing Power

Powered by an A8 chip with 64-bit architecture (the same chip powering the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus), Apple TV’s processing is powerful enough to output beautiful 4K-resolution video. Whether the new Apple TV will be released with 4K support is still rumored, but we do know it will be capable of delivering ultra-high definition content should support be added.


While the new Apple TV won’t be a substitute for gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, it boasts the much anticipated ability to function as an enjoyable platform for a family-fun casual gaming experience, and even features the functionality of seamless continuation of gameplay from iPhone to TV.

User Experience & Siri Functionality

Apple has added a thrilling new way to interact with Apple TV: your voice. The redesigned user interface comes coupled with the killer new functionality of the Siri-enabled remote. As evidenced in Apple’s September Special Event, Siri is ready to search high and low for that “Modern Family episode with Edward Norton”, make suggestions on any given genre of movie, and even replay the last 15 seconds of video with the captions enabled in case you missed what was said: “Siri, what’d she say?”

Built-in App Store

Riveting news to developers and content providers everywhere is the announcement of Apple TV’s own dedicated, built-in App Store. When its doors open for business at the end of October, the App Store is sure to release a tremendous wave in demand for the development of new television channels and apps from around the globe. And for those lucky enough to have gotten in the door on the first day, viewer reception is certain to be gigantic and the potential for revenue generation huge.

AppleTVBuilder Gets You There

With that said, AppleTVBuilder powered by Right Brain Media is an all-in-one, end-to-end, Apple TV channel development platform. It couldn’t be easier to build your channel and deploy it in the App Store: simply create your account at; upload your images; pipe in content from your CDN; and, finally, submit your channel. Whether your content is served via your account (your AppleTVBuilder account is FREE when you use RBMtv) or via a third party provider, integration is a breeze. And while you focus on what’s important to your viewers, Right Brain’s team is busy on the back-end taking care of coding, packaging, testing, and the approval process with Apple.

The Day 1 Advantage with AppleTVBuilder

The primary benefit of building your channel with AppleTVBuilder is that your app’s visibility in the App Store will be amplified tremendously, due to the fact that your app will be among the first hundred or so featured front-and-center when Apple opens the doors to App Store.

Like back in 2008 when Apple launched the iPhone App Store, the Apple TV App Store is sure to be inundated by a flood of new apps in the months following its launch. But most importantly, like the launch back in 2008 created, the launch of the Apple TV App Store will create an amazing opportunity for content providers arriving first on the scene to reach an enormous new audience and capitalize on that opportunity considerably.

And to go back to the exciting functionality of the Siri-enabled remote quickly, as reported by, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced that Apple will soon open the Apple TV search API to developers, which means universal search will be available for all new apps.

The early reviews are in and Apple TV is scheduled to really shake things up on the set-top box scene come this fall. The online retail behemoth, Amazon, may have blacklisted the latest Apple TV (one of the Fire TV’s greatest rivals in the set-top box trade), but a ban on Apple’s much anticipated streaming media player from the Amazon Marketplace is rendered insignificant by a massively growing iOS ecosystem.

The App Store is going to be open and AppleTVBuilder wants to make sure your channel’s app finds itself squared front and center on day one.

Visit to begin growing your audience.


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