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Ghosts Hack Recent Google 360 Business Tours!

A Right Brain Media Halloween Tale:

How Snap & Play Learned to Make the Google 360 Business Tour More Exciting Than Ever

Well, it’s that time of year again. The fall season is upon us.

Ahh–can you smell it? That crisp, refreshing Autumn flavour in the air?


And once again it’s Jack-o-Lanterns to carve and Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash” to sing. The sound of festive cheer rises through the streets, and with arms outstretched you can no longer help but carol:

“It was a graveyard smash, the Monster Mash!”

Of course, though, the candy corn haters will emerge. Undoubtedly.

But, oh, how they should not get you down. No, no, no. There’s tricking-&-treating fun to be had a-plenty! Forget not the good nature of the smiling spooky ghouls which descend upon our City Beautiful. The children in their costumes ready to scare the socks off of goers downtown! Turning a corner on Orange one might be met with the concerted shout of tiny voices:


You gasp with fright! And then sigh with pleasure as a gang of little, witch-hat-wearing and widow’s-peaked rascals runs off giggling up the street.

Let the terrible, fanged-and-clawed monsters invade, I say! Oh, to the good humour which graces our town this time of year, wash me over! To our most favorite of holidays: Halloween, we welcome thee.

And then there’s the GHOSTS. Let us not forget the GHOSTS. Those raucous marauders from the ethereal realm. Oh, how they swindle! And what devils they are! Gliding about and disrupting our splendid city’s spirited cheer!

They lurk in groups, preying on the unsuspecting. Turning a corner on his way to an important business meeting, the hurried and confident businessman unexpectedly encounters such a bullying band of fiends.

“Pardon me, sir,” one of the bed-linen’d apparitions says, barely suppressing his sophmoric chuckle. “Your shoe’s untied…”

Before the hapless victim realizes it he has fallen for the oldest trick in the book and the finger of a ghost is run up his nose! Dissolved in laughter, the ghosts whisk out of sight leaving the dejected businessman alone at the intersection, waving his fist in the air and cursing like a common lunatic.

Not only do they have a penchant for practical jokes, those awful ghosts, but they are eternally bound to the bottle. They crowd the taverns downtown with their rowdy ill-manner. They menace the poor bartender in to keeping their glasses full long after last call and still only tip 15%!

Do not be mistaken. They are brutes. They are crass and they sure know how to turn a city on its head with their zany antics. But they are only misunderstood. Their bullying is but a cry for help. And it turned out that when several of these ghosts turned up at the offices of Right Brain Media this week, as much as we taught them about the power in simply being yourself we learned from them about totally letting loose and having fun. The ghosts really helped us turn Snap & Play’s Interactive Google 360 Business Tours into something more exciting than ever before.

Now, wait a minute. Of course they barged right in as if they owned the joint. And, yes, one of the ghosts ate the last slice of pizza, and one of them left the toilet seat up too. But just take a look at the new direction Snap & Play’s 360 Tours are taking thanks to our other-worldly friends!

Visit Snap & Play on Googlemaps to check out our latest tour of the office.

A recent one of Snap & Play’s Google 360 Business Tours was visited by a gaggle of ghosts! Keep reading to learn the tale…

Snap & Play’s Google 360 Business Tours are a spectacular way to increase traffic and boost your visibility with an interactive look around inside your business. But once you’ve got potential clients poking around on a tour inside your storefront, office or factory why let the experience to stop there?

Snap & Play’s got an idea: Google 360 Business Tours can be unique and imaginative, and fun and exciting all while increasing the business your company does.

At Right Brain Media and Snap & Play we work super hard to be the most innovative pioneers in the digital media and web technology industry but we like to have fun doing it too. For the current tour of our office we thought let’s take the great work Snap & Play does in creating interactive Google 360 Business Tours and put a fun and exciting twist on on it this season by embodying the spirit of Halloween.

So, we got dressed up as ghosts to show you what a work day is like inside the inventive Right Brain Media and Snap & Play offices of software and web developers, product marketers, sales engineers and photography and video creators headquartered here in beautiful Downtown Orlando. We called it the “Google Street Boo Tour.” That’s a play on Google’s Street View. 😉 #StreetBoo.

Office ghosts need their coffee fix too. Happy almost Halloween from @snapandplay!

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Snap & Play is the Interactive Media Company partnered with Right Brain Media and specializes in producing gorgeous Google 360 Business Tours to help small, medium and large businesses strengthen their brand and increase online traffic in our ever-evolving digital media age.

“The Google Street Boo tour we created for our office was not only a fun pass-time for our team to get involved in,” says Snap & Play’s Director of Marketing, Christian Arriola, “but it was most importantly a way for us to showcase how the use of creativity in conjunction with Google’s Street View technology can dramatically increase a businesses reputation by giving the company a human face.”

Arriola says businesses tend to view the 360 tour as a “one-and-done” service: you take a handful of panoramic photos inside your business and call it a day. “But just as videos and photos are used as fresh content to keep businesses relevant online and within social media networks,” Arriola adds, “virtual 360s can essentially do the same, and to an even greater degree if done with a bit of creativity and style.”

Visit Snap & Play on Googlemaps to check out our latest tour of the office.

We’ve got plenty of ideas for future themed tours of our office as well.

Right Brain Media and Snap & Play have partnered with The AutoNation Cure Bowl presented by Florida Hospital to promote awareness of and help find a cure for breast cancer. We’re getting ready to roll out a great new app we’ve produced for the Cure Bowl, as well as some other fantastic products and elements that will help promote awareness of the event. And that means when we do we’ll capture a tour of our office with a Cure Bowl theme to help increase our marketing of the event and to display our passion for it.

Want Snap & Play to produce your company’s interactive Google 360 Business Tour? Visit Snap & Play to learn about the amazing work that Snap & Play does and how to get in touch.

And, hey! Keep reading to learn what it might have been like to have Charles Dickens tell the tale of how a gang of ghosts came to haunt the most recent tour of the Right Brain Media and Snap & Play offices!

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