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Product Reviews

Presiding over multiple social media accounts can make you feel like you’re performing a plate-balancing circus act, juggling different account priorities while hard-pressed to meet posting deadlines. That’s why social media managers looking to up their game should test out various services to see which has the most convenient and robust

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By now it’s common knowledge (kinda like E = mc2) that as a society we are just plain addicted to video. We’re going to watch video wherever and whenever we can, and wherever and whenever we want. Game of Thrones on the tablet while making dinner? Watching video. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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The Art of the Backup Plan Don’t get rained out at SXSW. By that I mean you’ll have come far too far to let something as simple as literally getting caught in the rain or your cell phone running out of battery ruin your killer South By trip. Between scrambling up

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The line between media and tech is becoming more blurred than ever. At Campfyre, with our finger on the pulse of the latest trends, we’ve been cooking up a game-changing new way to make sense of the evolution taking place in the world of digital media and bringing a fuzzy picture more into

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Tech News Roundups

Every Monday we’ll be giving you our take on some of the tech news from last week you may have missed. Whether it was the hottest thing or the least discussed, we’ll break down some of the stories we found most interesting. We call it: Last Week’s Tech News Roundup

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