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Start Making Your Digital Content Work For You As a content publisher, your media channel will not survive unless you implement a monetization model that’s best suited to match your audience’s needs. Here at Campfyre, we’ve put together a crash course in content monetization to help you get started in picking,

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Say you’re watching a new episode of House of Cards and there’s Claire Underwood wearing a splendidly chic cocktail dress you just can’t deal without. What do you do? Ask your friends, “Hey, where’d she get that??” Take to Google to find out what she’s wearing? Your friends are probably

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Campfyre is a good friend to music publishers, and one of our biggest clients is Baeble Music. Baeble is here at SXSW this year too. They’re hosting a massive “Day Party” at the Baeble Bounce House at Empire with a strong lineup of bands on Friday, and I’m stoked. When we recently

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When we work on an internal product, the team here at Right Brain Media gets extremely excited. That’s mainly because we’re given liberty to be fun, bold and even a bit crazy. This is a welcome change of pace from client work.  We do pitch crazy ideas to our clients, but we temper

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The internet is packed with learning tools to instruct users on becoming full stack coders with ease and simplicity at their own pace. I’ll take a look at two of the coolest, most popular code schools and websites for learning coding and programming — Udemy and Team Treehouse. Not to mention The Next

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