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BitTorrent continues to prove that its mission statement about “building a better Internet” is more than just a grand but generally meaningless feel-good phrase. Since 2001, the company has put substantial effort into improving the process of sharing large files over the Internet. It created the peer-to-peer file sharing protocol that

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man on toilet with cell phone

Do you use your cell phone in the bathroom? If you’re like most people, you probably do. It’s hard to resist the temptation to mechanically swipe through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, or to finally respond to that text from your mom you’ve been neglecting for the last 24 hours

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taxting while walking ban sign

Some states are considering laws banning texting while walking. You could find your future self hit with a nasty fine, if you’re caught tweeting while strolling down the sidewalk. But tech companies are introducing innovative new ways to keep you connected and out of the eye of law enforcement. Hands-Free Wearables Create Loophole to

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Space TV sm

We’re getting there… To that glorious future, we are. Advancements in streaming video, both live and on demand, as well as in over-the-top digital programming are bringing us a ton of new, exciting content. The discussion is being brought to the mainstream and streaming video is being hailed as a savior by prominent content creators.

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Celluwipes hand wiping cell phone screen

How Dirty Is A Cell Phone? We’ll answer that question in a roundabout way: You use your phone while you’re sitting on the toilet. Maybe you’re reading this right now in the bathroom. (We caught you, didn’t we?!) We think that’s enough proof to validate that your phone is indeed

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