SXSW Music Industry Game Changers: Baeble, Campfyre, BEATGASM & More

Campfyre is a good friend to music publishers, and one of our biggest clients is Baeble Music. Baeble is here at SXSW this year too. They’re hosting a massive “Day Party” at the Baeble Bounce House at Empire with a strong lineup of bands on Friday, and I’m stoked.

When we recently got the chance to chat with David Moffly, CEO of Baeble, he told us the important thing to understand, as a video company, is that it’s all about reaching more and more people across all the emerging platforms.

“At its core, [Campfyre] saves us time and money,” said David. By taking advantage of the Campfyre platform, Baeble was able to get a fully functional and popular Apple TV app developed and added to the app store six months ahead of schedule.

Additionally, the money and time saved on app development has allowed Baeble to expand in other areas. David added that one of the best things about working with Campfyre is that it “allows us to own that real estate [on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.] and then continue to build infrastructure.”

Music Products + Services Pitch Stage

While Campfyre won’t be onstage, I’m really excited to hear the presenters at SXSW’s Music Products + Services pitch stage event tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. It’s billed as an introduction to the companies transforming the music industry. Slated to speak are representatives from BEATGASM, GCA Entertainment,, Hum On!, PerDiem, SIX Inc. and TipCow.

I have to say I’m most interested to hear what BEATGASM is going to talk about. They’re a community where music fans can discover and support independent musicians around the world.

And I’m excited to hear from, a music marketing service for musicians to expand and strengthen their fan base.

I can’t wait to hear from these presenters and meet up with them at their booths to discuss the ways in which Campfyre overlaps with each of their unique, musical missions.

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