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Every Monday we’ll be giving you our take on some of the tech news from last week you may have missed. Whether it was the hottest thing or the least discussed, we’ll break down some of the stories we found most interesting.

We call it: Last Week’s Tech News Roundup Today!

#1 – 60 Minutes Talks With Apple, Tours Secret Design Lab


Yesterday 60 Minutes aired with it’s tour of Apple’s “super” secret design lab. Charlie Rose spoke with both Apple’s head of design and retail, taking a tour of the design lab and “Apple’s Store of the Future,” and having a sit down conversation with the company’s CEO, Tim Cook. I haven’t seen it yet, but I plan on checking it out this week for sure.

#2 – Synth Musical Instrument Manufacturer Exploits 3D Touch To Deliver Awesome Free New App

Roli, the manufacturer of some majorly innovative keyboard synths just released a new app which takes advantage of Apple’s 3D touch features of the iPhone. It comes with 25 free presets including a gritty organ tone as well as a classic Rhodes and allows the user an impressive amount of customization. The sliding and gliding gestures are most impressive, but just like on Roli’s full-sized keyboards, all five “dimensions of touch” are ready to go.

#3 – FCC Confronts ISPs Over “Zero-Rating” Streaming Freebies


The FCC is going head to head again with the the biggest internet service providers in court again. Decisions should be made early next year in cases around net neutrality. Right now the FCC is pressing hard on ISPs regarding new “Zero-Rating” practices. In a nut shell, giants like Comcast, AT&T and T-Mobile have begun exempting certain types of streaming services from monthly data-caps. Consumers and critics are concerned that such practices are built in favor of certain content providers. For instance, Comcast exempts its own “Stream TV” from monthly data-caps and this has created “level playing field” concerns.

You might think it makes sense for a company to look out for its own interests. And it may make streaming easier, faster and more enjoyable in the short term. But the real concern is when a very small handful of companies as pervasive and heavily relied upon as Comcast start favoring the services of some over others, should the means of distribution be regulated?

#4 – Slack Launches New, Very Own App Store


Slack, the “messaging app for teams who put robots on Mars,” is launching its own app store and encouraging developers to seriously get cracking on brand new add-ons. The productivity app has 2 million users daily, a quarter of which are paying, and has shown all signs of gaining steam.

Over at Right Brain Media and Snap & Play all our teams rely heavily upon the use the use of Slack. Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack says, “The more apps we get people to install, the more likely they are to keep using Slack.” It would be hard to imagine going back to the old ways of communicating with your team at the office before Slack.

#5 – AdBlock By Default

How do you see the rise of AdBlock plugins and extensions affecting the creation and distribution of the content you love most? It’s true that advertisements fuel a lot of the coolest content we enjoy online for free, but a lot of times those ads can be obscenely intrusive, distracting and threatening even as a common gateway for malware. AdBlock by default should be seen as a great thing as it will help drive innovation in internet marketing.

AdBlock by default should be seen as a great thing as it will help drive innovation in internet marketing.

Now AdBlock is blocking ads by default on a new browser by Asus and this has strong implications for the content we consume for free on the internet.

AdBlock, the most popular plugin extension for removing ads completely from your online surfing experience not too long ago added a new “acceptable ads” feature to its software. That is, ads that have been vetted and deemed to be unobtrusive and safe from malware are allowed to pass through the AdBlock software.

AdBlock’s partnership with Asus should be seen as a forward progression. Consumers understand the importance of advertising to fuel the free content they rely upon, but also refuse to be shamelessly bombarded by relentless advertising.AdBlock by default is going to be a catalyst.

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