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Making Computer Class Less Boring For Kids

Every Monday we’ll be giving you our take on some of the tech news from last week you may have missed. Whether it was the hottest thing or the least discussed, we’ll break down some of the stories we found most interesting. 

We call it: Last Week’s Tech News Roundup Today!

#1 – Making Computer Class Less Boring For Kids

mitchel resnick
Mitchel Resnick

MIT is always pushing the envelope in tech. NPR reported on a coding expert developing new technologies for creativity out of MIT’s Media Lab. Mitchel Resnick, in charge of Lifelong Kindergarten Group, is concerned with providing kids with experiences that foster creativity and expression at a time when kids are putting in more and more hours with digital devices. Resnick tells NPR, “Coding is not just a set of technical skills. It’s a way for kids to organize, express and share ideas.” He adds, “Oftentimes it’s playing, clicking, consuming, as opposed to designing and expressing.” Resnick urges parents to be cautious if it feels like the tablet is in control more than the child. One might think of the differences between Angry Birds and Mine Craft.

#2 – Amazon Prime Offers Addition of Showtime, Starz to Subscription

Amazon Prime promotional piece

You may already be in the know and know, but for those of you who aren’t and don’t, here it is. For an extra nine bucks a month the latest Showtime TV episodes are added to your account the day they air. Need I say more? Of course Showtime isn’t the only new provider to choose from. A+E, AMC and Starz are a few more worth mentioning. And they all come with the same price tag, if not a lower one! Go get your free trial. Thank you, Amazon!

#3 – New Banksy Piece in France Depicts Steve Jobs as Syrian Refugee

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.36.28 PM
Banksy’s new piece in France

Banksy’s new piece forces us to imagine a world in which Steve Jobs never had the opportunity to mastermind the revolutionary devices that have come to penetrate nearly every aspect of our daily lives and on which many of us depend wholly. It’s done in a way that harks back to Jobs’ ethnic heritage as the son of a Syrian. As the rest of the developed world scrambles to figure out whether to take the desperate, beaten and destitute refugees from a war torn Syria under its wing or turn a cold shoulder and close the borders, Bansky’s piece begs us to open our hearts and find the courage and strength to accept them with open arms. Afterall, there’s no way to know if we’re turning away any of humanity’s next great geniuses.

Check out this quick news video made by AJ+.

#4 – Secretive Augmented Reality Startup Amasses $1 Billion War Chest

Okay, Magic Leap, the super-secretive Florida-based (Woohoo Florida!) augmented reality startup hasn’t quite collected $1 billion yet, but it looks like it will be far surpassing that goal in a short time. (Check out this article from The Verge.) And just about everyone who has seen the teaser for their secret technology is incredibly excited. We don’t even know exactly what it is they’re developing yet, but with Google’s $542 million cash injection into the project you can be sure it’s something really, really, really, really big. Just check out that promotional video!

#5 – FCC and Telecoms Debate Net Neutrality

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.08.25 PM by Freepress

In case you missed it, net neutrality is back in court. To put it simply, the basic question is: can the company that delivers the internet to your home have a say in how you’re allowed to use it? Check out this super informative article from NPR, and then check out the Guardian’s on-the-ground reporting.

At the heart of the debate is a push on the part of the FCC to reclassify internet providers as common carriers. The courts will decide whether internet providers have the right to discriminate against smaller content providers in favor of larger, wealthier ones.

It’s safe to say we’re hoping the courts will rule in favor of a free and open internet. It’s the only way to ensure tomorrow’s startups have a fighting chance.

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