Gather Around the Campfyre: A Free OTT Content Publishing Platform

The line between media and tech is becoming more blurred than ever. At Campfyre, with our finger on the pulse of the latest trends, we’ve been cooking up a game-changing new way to make sense of the evolution taking place in the world of digital media and bringing a fuzzy picture more into a clear focus.

That’s why we’re stoked for the official launch of Campfyre at this year’s South By Southwest Music, Film and Interactive festival and conferences.

What is Campfyre?

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Campfyre is a free, all-inclusive OTT content publishing platform.

Gather Around

Campfyre is a free, all-inclusive OTT content publishing platform for creators of all outfits, large and small, eager to reach new audiences on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, and XBox. In other words, a one-stop shop for publishers to reach a more massive audience on every single platform content will be consumed on in 2016.

Like the South By Southwest festival, at its core, the Campfyre platform is a way for people to come together and experience what’s new in music, film and digital media. Gather around, it’s all forms of media from one location.

From the individual content creator looking to grow his audience to the well established record label with a desire to share its artist’s music videos via a grander platform, Campfyre is one central place for publishing the content your audience wants in all the places they want to enjoy it.

Why South By Southwest?

For musicians, filmmakers and startups, SXSW is an enormous opportunity for buzz-building, friendship-forging and deal making. That’s why we’re going to be out there in the thick of it feeling out the needs of the different content creator’s and making it easier for them publish their content on every platform viewers consume media from today.

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