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SXSW Showed Me How To Get To Mars. Not only was NASA there demonstrating how we’re going to get to Mars and allowing you to take a virtual tour of the rocket that will bring us there, but at SXSW, which takes place in beautiful Austin, TX each year, you find it’s the place

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Campfyre is a good friend to music publishers, and one of our biggest clients is Baeble Music. Baeble is here at SXSW this year too. They’re hosting a massive “Day Party” at the Baeble Bounce House at Empire with a strong lineup of bands on Friday, and I’m stoked. When we recently

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The Art of the Backup Plan Don’t get rained out at SXSW. By that I mean you’ll have come far too far to let something as simple as literally getting caught in the rain or your cell phone running out of battery ruin your killer South By trip. Between scrambling up

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