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This App Is Going to Change the Way We Watch Videos and Shop Online

Say you’re watching a new episode of House of Cards and there’s Claire Underwood wearing a splendidly chic cocktail dress you just can’t deal without. What do you do? Ask your friends, “Hey, where’d she get that??” Take to Google to find out what she’s wearing? Your friends are probably going to be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, and your Googling will be in vain.

On top of what she’s wearing, you’re digging that lamp, coffee mug, pen, painting behind her and name plate on her desk. Heck, you wanna know what she’s listening to on the radio.

There’s this new app for all that, and it’s called Ever.

Ever app screenshot

Whether you’re watching House of Cards, Mad Men or the Oscars, Ever makes it as simple as tapping a button to discover who’s who, where they are, what they’re wearing and what’s in the room.

(See demo video below.)

Ever’s got dreams of being included within all forms of video-on-demand from Netflix to YouTube and everything in between. Right now it’s only compatible with Fashion Network TV (FNTV) via the app version and Michelle Phan’s YouTube series via the browser extension. The browser extension works when there’s an Ever icon present in the top corner of the window, allowing the viewer to hover the mouse over various points in each frame and click a button to open up a separate window for purchasing.

Ever is looking for more publishers to partner with, and if they’re successful (or end up being acquired by a massive media publisher), the way we engage with content and shop online is bound to change in big ways.

The SXSW Pitch Stage

In my opinion, Ever was one of the more interesting products at the SXSW 2016 trade show. I got to hear the founder’s presentation at the pitch stage and then sit down with him afterward to get some extra details.

With Ever there is no interruption to the content the viewer is enjoying, and it’s all based on curiosity.
— Chander Chawla, Founder of Ever

Having been at the trade show during the Interactive segment at SXSW 2016, I decided to check out the Content + Social Engagement pitch stage event on Tuesday. Approximately every two hours there’s a 15-minute presentation by five or so exhibitors from the show.

I got there a little late, because I was outside compiling notes, trying to process the craziness of the previous day of networking and interviewing. Between the amazing innovations taking place in the field of augmented reality by CN2 and Instagram’s next big competitor, the Alive app, (seriously get ready Instagram) my head was spinning, to say the least. The pressing need to interact with all the different companies before the end of SXSW was weighing heavily on me.

Chander Chawla, Founder of Ever and Self-Described Tech Provocateur

I found a seat ten minutes into the start of the event, and this very locomotive but very tranquil fellow had the audience’s attention. Onstage was Chander Chawla, founder, imagineer and provocateur behind the Ever app. As he made his presentation, his eyes would shift over the crowd as if there was something there he could see but of which the audience wasn’t aware.

Not to say he was detached. Anyone who’s sat down to talk with him knows Chander is very cool, present and attentive. And he wasn’t looking through the audience either. In fact, he seemed enlightened by the audience.

I ended up audio recording the rest of the pitch stage event on my phone immediately following Chander’s invigorating speech. The only reason I didn’t capture the Ever presentation was because I was too absorbed by the passion and thrill with which Chander spoke about his game-changing product.

Chander explained that Ever is not only a new form of advertising in digital media, but it’s also a more enjoyable interactive experience for the viewer. At a time when audiences are becoming fed up with traditional ad placements and pop-ups, Ever is an intriguing alternative for media publishers to generate ad revenue without doing so at the expense of viewers’ attention or patience.

Below is the video Chander showed during the presentation which briefly demoes the Ever app and extension. Beware: the video is slightly cheesy, but you’ll get the point.

Chatting With Chander About What Viewers Want

Just a brief background on Chander Chawla real quick. By glancing over his LinkedIn and Googling his name, you’ll see he’s been executive at a number of huge tech companies from Siemens and T-Mobile to Mejdi. He was the guy who made the first multi-sensor wearable fitness tracker and he’s a frequent contributing writer at Forbes.

The dude’s all over the place, and he kind of reminded me of a more laid back Steve Jobs. In this video of Chander talking about Innovation it’s kind of funny because you can see him falter when it comes to mentioning Jobs. Maybe he sees it himself?

I sat down with him after the presentation to discuss the potential for our companies to work together. I saw that there could be some synergies between Campfyre, our multi-platform content publishing service, and Ever, an innovative ad solution eager for partnership with new content publishers.

Usually Ever works directly with content creators, Chander told me. But being that Campfyre is a content publishing platform with the CDN infrastructure holding all the digital media content, there’s a whole lot of real estate available in terms of content with which Ever could integrate.

Chander says there are four basic things viewers want to know when engaging with content:

“The people in the video; who are they and tell me more about them… Their fashion, the places they visit, where are those locations? And the objects and products in each scene. With Ever we’re changing the relationship between information and the consumer.”

In contrast to the traditional top-down method of delivering ads to consumers, Chander explained that, “With Ever there is no interruption to the content the viewer is enjoying, and it’s all based on curiosity.”

Download the Ever app or browser extension to try it out at Ever’s website for iOS, Android or Chrome.

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