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Host a Successful Social Media Giveaway Using These 7 Steps

Right Brain Media recently launched a very successful Social Media Giveaway Campaign for one of our clients, and during the giveaway, we learned a lot!

We believe that these 7 steps are crucial to hosting and managing a successful social media giveaway.

STEP 1 – Identify the Objective & Goal of the Campaign

Identify your OBJECTIVE for the giveaway campaign and create a smart, MEASURABLE GOAL, that describes what you want to achieve.

STEP 2 – Outline the Complete Scope of the Campaign

There are several questions that must be answered in order to fully define the SCOPE of your campaign.

  • How many prizes do you have to give away?
    • The number of prizes may influence the length of your giveaway.
    • Make sure that you select prize items that are relevant to your audience and will grab their attention.
    • Take advantage of any partner or sponsor relationships that may like to participate by donating prizes
  • How long will your campaign last?
    • The length of the campaign affects the number of prizes you will need, as well as the total number of entries and winners you will have
    • When setting the length of your campaign, ensure that you are allotting ample time to effectively market the giveaway.
    • The length of the giveaway will impact the overall reach and excitement level of the campaign.
  • Winner Selection
    • How many winners will there be?
    • When will the winners be selected?
    • How will they be selected?

STEP 3 – Define the Acceptable Entry Options

As you set out to define the entry options that will be accepted, make sure that you KEEP IT SIMPLE. Users are more likely to enter your giveaway if you make it very easy for them.

STEP 4 – Review Available Online Tools

You may want to review some of the ONLINE GIVEAWAY SYSTEMS that are available today, to help you with the management and execution of your campaign. Consider using one of the following:

STEP 5 – Create the Terms & Conditions of the Campaign

It is imperative to include the appropriate TERMS & CONDITIONS for your giveaway campaign.

Make sure you:

  • Include HOW, WHEN, and WHO selects the winner(s) – this determines whether your promotional campaign is a CONTEST or a SWEEPSTAKES. Be sure to use those terms appropriately.
  • Include how to CLAIM the prize, as well as prize forfeiture rules.
  • Be very clear about which entry methods are available and how often users can enter to win.
  • Include prize descriptions, odds of winning, liability release and where winners’ names will be posted.

STEP 6 – Establish the Marketing Plan for the Campaign

If you are going to go through the effort of planning this awesome giveaway campaign, make sure you also create an effective MARKETING PLAN for the campaign.

Some ideas to help you get started:

  • Write and publish a PRESS RELEASE
  • Include the campaign in your EMAIL MARKETING efforts
  • Share the campaign on SOCIAL MEDIA networks
  • Don’t forget to create a unique HASHTAG for the campaign
  • If you have participating sponsors, ask them to help promote it to their following as well

STEP 7 – Monitor & Track the Campaign

This is a big one. Don’t do all of this work without keeping track of it! In order to measure whether you are meeting your objective and fulfilling your goal, you must MONITOR & TRACK the campaign.

  • Make sure you document your stats BEFORE, DURING & AFTER the campaign.
  • Create a CASE STUDY to analyze your results and MEASURE the success of the giveaway.
  • SHARE YOUR RESULTS with your clients & sponsors.

Please visit us on Slideshare if you would like to download a presentation of this content. The Slideshare presentation also includes some great real-life examples for you. Feel free to share!

We would also love to hear about any successful giveaways you have participated in or managed. Please comment below if you have questions, some additional advice or if you were able to utilize these tips!

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