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7 Reasons Why Wunderlist Is Wunderful

It’s a new year and with that comes new tools and processes. Our team here at Right Brain recently started using Wunderlist as our official #GTD (Get Things Done) app and it’s quickly become the best cross-platform to-do list management app in our office. During the past few days, I’ve discovered some features that have made my workflow truly wunderful so check out the list below to see seven reasons why you should not go another day without it!

#1 Repeating Due Dates

One of the main reasons I love Wunderlist is because you can set repetitive due dates. For example, since I need to make sure to do social media on the daily, instead of retyping a to-do reminder every day, I can set it to repeat. When I finish the task and check it off for the day, a new task will refresh and appear with a due date for tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.57.40



#2 Collaboration With Co-Workers

Wunderlist is also an amazing app for sharing projects and tasks with your coworkers. You can create shared lists in which all parties can create tasks, subtasks, notes and attachments, and everyone can comment on specific tasks. All of this can be done in a single thread. This ensures that no shared tasks shall be left behind.




#3 Hashtag To Prioritize

Want to prioritize your tasks by importance? Wunderlist has that covered as well. You can add a hashtag to the beginning of your task such as #1, #2 or #A, #B, #C. Sort your list alphabetically and voila! That new year’s resolution to prioritize more efficiently just got a whole lot easier. See Wunderlist’s most popular hashtags for business here




#4 Add Tasks Easily

Wunderlist catches onto things very quickly, so if you were to type out “Marketing meeting tomorrow @_____”, the software will detect the word “tomorrow” and will automatically set the due date to tomorrow and “assign” the task to whomever you tag. 




#5 Wunderlist is Everywhere!

Nowadays it’s extremely important to have applications available and running smoothly across all major devices. Wunderlist easily and instantly syncs everything you add on your browser, laptop, phone and/or tablet. You never have to worry about forgetting your To-Do List at work or at home. 




#6 Helpful Chrome Extension

Did I mention how great their web extension is? You can easily save any articles or URLs you want to refer to at a later time. By hitting the Wunderlist extension button, you will save the title of the article as the task name and save the link to the website in the notes.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.30.31


#7 Shortcuts & Quick Searches

Shortcuts are the way to go. Change your shortcut keyboard settings so when you want to add a task, you can easily just hit option+space (or whatever keys you prefer) to quickly add a task no matter which website, browser or app you’re currently using. Once it pops up, you can add a task or click the magnifying glass to see which tasks are for today using “/today” or which tasks are assigned to you using “/me”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 15.17.29


Wunderlist has now become my all-time favorite to-do/task management app. I do know there are many other apps out there that help with task management, so comment below and let me know which ones you guys would recommend or what you personally think of Wunderlist!

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