5 Great Marketing Sites to Inspire your Next Product Launch

One of the most important things to do when launching a new product is to create a great marketing website that sells your product.

The following sites are from companies I’ve started following on Twitter recently, either because I love the products and services they provide, or I’ve read some great press about them lately.

Right Brain Media is preparing to launch a number of new SaaS products this year, so I wanted to find inspiration from other successful companies and see how they show off their products to the world. Here is a list of my favorites and why I think they are great.

1. Kiip

Why it’s Great

This site is clean and makes great use of color. Though Kiip’s logo is red and white, they don’t let that limit their color pallet. Large icons and minimal text help explain their product without being overwhelming. The large bold color blocks provide a sense of excitement and empowerment as you scroll down the front page. The final message displayed before their contact form starts is ‘Be bold’, and the call to action is friendly yet direct, ‘Start a conversation today’. It’s almost a dare and I like that.

2. TweetFavy

Why it’s Great

This site instantly engages you with a fun geometric background effect that follows your mouse movements. You can’t help but play with it for a minute or just stare at the moving parts. They immediately offer a 14-day free trial, ‘No credit card required!’ and if you aren’t convinced, they cut right to the chase in their ‘How it Works’ section by answering, ‘So, where’s the value?’ I appreciate it when a website respects that I’m a busy person and makes it super easy for me to decide whether to try their product or not.


3. SoBi Social Bicycles
Why it’s Great

I love SoBi bikes. We just got them here in Orlando!  I love their website as well. It’s fun with lots of interactivity. You can explore the features of their bicycles by rotating one 180 degrees. They have a clever way of explaining how their product works from the perspective of either a rider or an operator. Just pick a lane and follow the path through an animated story line that drops you off at the call to action. Things like this make me want to stay and play and – even better for them – tell all of my friends, “Hey man, you’ve gotta see this awesome website!”


4. Zzish

Why it’s Great

The first thing I noticed about the Zzish landing page was their interesting color pallet. Sometimes I get bored seeing blue and orange all the time. They keep their site simple, with minimal text, and show you how to get started in three easy steps. Sure I’ll click that happy call to action button!

5. Peercisely

Why it’s Great

I like Peercisely’s marketing site because it’s so cute! You can’t get much more bubbly than balloons! The whole site feels like going outside to play. Cute illustrations and subtle animations guide visitors through their product story. Scrolling to the bottom of the home page is like a soft landing in the grass after slowly floating down from the clouds. What a great first impression!


So, what can we learn from great marketing sites like these? It’s important to tell a story. Don’t overwhelm your visitors with long blocks of text and endless feature lists. They probably won’t read them any way.  You need to have a clear call to action in order to convert visitors into customers. Finally, it helps to engage visitors with fun features like animations, interactivity, and a sense of humor. I hope this article provides some inspiration as you set out to design your own product marketing site.

Do you have any inspirational marketing sites to recommend? Tell us about it in the comment thread!

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