20 Awesome Gifts for Germaphobes You’ll Want To Keep

1. Hand Sanitizer with Humor

maybe your hand touched your genitals

It’s a legitimate concern. I mean, you probably did at some point during the day. You might as well have a good chuckle as you sanitize those hands after every pit stop, right?

2. Laser Projected Keyboard

laser projected keyboard

Not only can you turn any surface into a fully functional keyboard, but it comes with a built-in fully functional mouse feature too. ^ He looks like he’s having fun. For the germaphobe: just wash those hands, wipe that surface and you’re golden.

3. Beer Can Handle

beer can handle

Okay, you wipe the top of the can off before you sip. I’m proud of you. But are you still gonna grip that filthy aluminum can with your clean little paws? Latch this portable can holder on to any vessel of your favorite sugary or alcoholic bevy for a hazard-free chug.

4. Public Toilet Seat Survival Kit

public toilet seat survival kit

We’ve all wished for this survival kit at some point in our lives. That putrid Porta Potty at the ball game… Where were you Public Toilet Seat Survival Kit!?!?

5. Tech Safe Cleaning Wipes

Celluwipes package display

These handy little devils keep your tech gear clear of bacteria and everyday grime. Celluwipes banish nasty flu germs lurking on gaming devices, rid phone screens of filmy residues and wipe away those annoying laptop fingerprint smudges.

6. Ultraviolet Ray Gun!!!

pocket uv ray gun

Pew-pew-pew! Not quite like that, but still pretty rad, nonetheless. What if it looked like an actual little ray gun? Anyway, UV light has been proven to do a number on germs, bacteria and viruses in, ahem, a flash. Get rid of germs real fast with one of these.

7. Floating Mug

floating mug

“I respect wood. I revere wood. I’m considerate of wood,” said the great Larry David. Are you always forgetting to lay down a coaster and compromising your wooden table tops? Forget about it. Get a floating mug and you can avoid having to wipe up any mess too. Plus, how cool does that look?

8. Biodegradable Kitchen Sponges

biodegradeable sponge

I know you do not leave your sponges soaking wet and stewing in bacteria in the sink after washing a load of dishes. But even if you don’t, that sponge has got a limited life span anyway. When you’re done with these, toss em right in the compost heap because they’re biodegradable.

9. Ultraviolet Water Pitcher

homedics restore water pitcher

This thing purifies, kills germs and bacteria (including E. coli) with UV technology in pitcher form.

10. Rideable Vacuum Cleaner

rideable vacuum

Got a little tike who likes to help out around the house? Or maybe you just need a new bit of excitement in your life? Hop on board and vacuum your house spotless. I don’t think it actually exists yet, but can someone start a petition or take this to Kickstarter, please?

11. Poo-Pourri

poopourri girl

If you haven’t seen the commercials for this yet, do it now. We use it here at the office and it really, actually, totally works. You spray, you poo, you flush, you win. No stink.

12. Personal Water Fountain

personal water spout

No need to sip water from your hands anymore. No more getting wet and making a mess. You even get to regulate the stream by how hard you pinch the spout. A+!

13. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

mrs meyers clean day

Have you ever smelled the glorious scent of fresh lavender on a crisp spring day? If not, well, you can with these all-natural cleaning products. They are scented perfectly and get messes cleaned right the heck up.

14. DIY Refillable Cleaning Wipes

Doing stuff yourself at home is always a very rewarding experience. And it’s a cinch to prepare your own refillable container of home cleaning anti-bacterial sanitary wipes.

15. Ultraviolet Toothbrush Holster

toothbrush sanitizer vio light

Again, UV light is a proven killer of germs and bacteria. Your toothbrush sits close to the toilet in your bathroom and goes right in your face every morning and night. If you don’t already have one of these, get one right now.

16. Levitating Kitchen Utensils

levitating utensils

No one has time for those annoying little spoon rests, plus it’s just one more thing to clean. Levitating utensils let you cook on the fly without leaving a mess on the counter.

17. Toilet Seat Spray Cleaner

happy cheeks toilet seat spray

Hey, they support breast cancer research too. They must have some extra funds lying around to support research charities. It’s a good sign the stuff works. Hey, don’t sit before you spray, man. Keep them cheeks happy.

18. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Neato won’t immediately respond to a spill or kitchen disaster, nor get involved with office disputes, but it will roam around the house making sure the place is dust and dirt free as long as its batteries are charged. 😉

19. Bobble Toothbrush Holder

bobble toothbrush stand

Weeee! Now you can stick your toothbrush on the dash of your car next to your Gene Simmons, Derek Jeter or custom-made bobblehead. Just kidding. This thing keeps your toothbrush out of germs way with style.

20. Removable Keyboard Cover

kuzu keyboard cover

An easy way to keep the grit, grime and germs away from your keyboard, hands and ultimately your face. Toss this sucker in the sink for a quick rinse for a fresh experience each time you pound away at those keys.

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