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Top 2 Websites to Learn Coding and Programming

The internet is packed with learning tools to instruct users on becoming full stack coders with ease and simplicity at their own pace. I’ll take a look at two of the coolest, most popular code schools and websites for learning coding and programming — Udemy and Team Treehouse.

Not to mention The Next Web is offering a 92% discount at for the next couple days. Scroll down for that info.

Pro Tip: You’ve Got Nothing to Lose

It’s easier today than ever before to learn, hone your skills and master the programming language of your choice. You want to take a stab at becoming the next Bill Gates? If you’ve got a thirst for knowledge, the courses are out there waiting for you.


Udemy landing page

Udemy offers courses ranging from free to costing hundreds of dollars on just about any topic you could imagine. Course topics include coding for kids, coding for beginners, web design, WordPress, Javascript development, iOS development and more.

Courses are divided into lectures and sections that can be viewed in a range of formats including, video, audio, text and slideshow presentations. The user dashboard experience features a sidebar for easy access to discussion threads and course-specific materials.

The Udemy catalogue is sweeping and offers courses far beyond coding and programming with more than 25,000 courses in more than 15 languages. Reviews are available for every course, allowing users to make informed decisions before they purchase. Customer service is highly rated. And if corporate training is what you’re looking for, Udemy offers group discounts.

Additionally, Udemy allows users to create their own courses using a specialized set of development tools for which income can be earned if it becomes a success.

The Next Web 92% Discount at

Udemy complete web developer course

The Next Web is currently offering 92% off Udemy’s “Complete Web Developer Course.” Typically $199, the complete course bundle is just $14 right now.

With that being said, The Next Web is also offering huge discounts on coding courses ranging from Python Programming, UI & UX Design and IT & Ethical Hacking Certification to Arduino Step-by-step and Javascript Development.

Udemy’s instructors have been reviewed as highly qualified. The instructor for the Complete Web Developer Course is Rob Percival who heads the web hosting and design service Eco Web Hosting.

If you sign up for The Next Web’s newsletter, you get an additional 10% off your first purchase. That’s a major incentive to sign up now.

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse landing page

Team Treehouse has one of the most extensive catalogues of courses and is really great at staying up to date and relevant in its offerings. Treehouse is very hands on and is one of the only online learning websites that offers an iPad app that allows users to continue learning wherever they are.

Courses featured on Treehouse very often come with the ‘workspaces’ feature which allows users to put the coding they’ve learned to practical use, effectively allowing them to see just how their coding holds up in a real-world environment.

In addition to being hands on, Treehouse offers users an extensive library of talks from industry professionals.

Signing up is easy and new users get a two-week free trial. After that, users choose between the basic and pro plan, $25/month and $49/month, respectively.

Hey, let us know in a comment about the experiences you’ve had with the platforms we’ve reviewed. And if you’ve had experience with any of the others out there (Code Academy, Codermania, Code School, Udacity), let us know what that was like.

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