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“I’m the kind of person who loves feeling restless at work, getting headaches, experiencing anxiety about the projects I’m working on, not having rich and engaging conversations with my coworkers and banging my head against the wall instead of bringing my ideas and concerns to the team,” said no one ever. If

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Zenbo robot
LifestyleProduct Spotlight

During the ‘Computex’ tech convention in Taipei earlier this month, the ever-dominate Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Asus unveiled its newest addition to homes across the globe. Asus chairman Jonney Shih stated, “Our ambition is to enable robotic computing for every household.” At an affordable price of $599, which could easily be wasted on

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Safety is invaluable to most people. Android, however, has put a hefty price on optimum privacy. Recently in London, Sirin Labs, partnering with Android, debuted their launch product, the Solarin, a smartphone which the company stated was designed with the security of high-end clientele in mind. At a comical cost of

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Google HQ

In 2015, Fortune 500’s top 10 most profitable companies all shared a common edge: vast social media backing and presence. Subsequently, online security products are now at the forefront of innovative tech startups. Users on any social media platform want to be reassured that their accounts will be unconditionally kept secure.

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Celluwipes Wipe Wizard Logo

At the beginning of the year we were approached by Celluwipes to create a viral video marketing campaign that would create buzz around their product and generate greater sales. For a product as unexciting-sounding as “tech-safe cleaning wipes” (but with plenty of unrealized everyday application for the general public), we thought

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